Community Advocates

UXHI’s leadership team is based on O’ahu and a majority of in-person events are held in Honolulu. We’re always looking for volunteer UXHI Neightbor Island Community Advocates to help our efforts  in being inclusive by bringing the UXHI community to our neighbor islands.

As a UXHI Community Advocate, you’ll…

  • Organize and host at least one in-person or virtual event per quarter
  • Network and find local UX’ers in your community
  • Be the main point of contact for UXHI on your island
UXHI Pau Hana in Maui

UXHI Pau Hana in Maui. Photo by Ryan Ozawa.

Become a Community Advocate

How long is the commitment?
We don’t have a required commitment, so we’re flexible and super grateful for the time you want to give to helping build the community on your island. Most of the communication will be async, but we’ll have periodic Zoom check-ins for bigger discussions.

What if I don’t want to be a Community Advocate anymore?
No worries! We know life happens and if you can’t commit to volunteering with us anymore, just let us know.

Are there any perks of being a Community Advocate?
Of course! You’ll get the official title of UXHI <your island here> Community Advocate and access to a private community advocates Slack channel where we’ll collaborate and plan events together. And after you host your first event, we’ll make it official and send you a UXHI shirt!

How do I apply?
Send a DM to Kat or Jenn in Slack and let us know what island you want to rep! If there’s already a community advocate for your island, we’re always open to having a co-advocate and can introduce you to the other advocate to get the convo started!

Hosting Events

I have an event in mind, what’s next?
Post the event date and details in the #community-advocates Slack channel. The event description will be edited to fit our voice, but we’ll help with creating marketing assets and promoting the event on our LinkedIn and monthly newsletter.  We’ll leave it to you to promote it on our events Slack channel and other Slack, Discord, and Facebook groups that you’re part of.

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