Portfolio and Interview Advice for Emerging Product Designers
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Portfolio and Interview Advice for Emerging Product Designers

After reviewing over a hundred portfolios, Chris wants to share with the UXHI community common mistakes he has seen and provide general recommendations on how to build a proper portfolio.

Additionally, he will share what the interview process is like for designers, researchers, and content strategists, offer insights into writing a better case study along with presentation tips, and provide general advice on when and how to apply for jobs. At the end, he will open up the floor to the audience to hear about their own struggles and successes, as well as any questions they may have for him.

Register for this event at: https://uxhicommunity.aidaform.com/10-28-21-portfolio-and-interview-advice-for-emerging

About Chris
Originally from Honolulu, Chris Ota started designing and building websites locally after graduating from KCC’s NMA program in 2007. With no job or plans, he packed his bags in 2015 and moved to San Francisco looking for a new chapter in his life. Working his way up from the very bottom, Chris has been a Product Designer at Lyft for over 4 years and is currently leading and focusing on healthcare patient transportation. Apart from his day to day, he interviews full time and intern candidates, participates with internal mentorship, and is an active mentor with ADPList during his free time.

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