Teaming Up with Designers to Impact the User Experience
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Teaming Up with Designers to Impact the User Experience

Despite working toward the same goals, writers and designers can often find themselves at odds. Whether it’s leaving the copy for last or disagreeing on how to change a design––the opportunity for conflict is abundant.

In this session, we will cover how to pair up with your design team and bring a project management mindset to your work. Get out of the rut of facelifting copy with already finalized designs. Key takeaways include:

  • Navigating meetings, deadlines, and difficult conversations with the team.
  • Tools and organizational methods that can help facilitate cross-team coordination.
  • How to partner with designers on an equal footing to impact the product experience.

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About Laurah
Laurah is a content designer and UX advocate who loves bringing together the ever-intersecting worlds of copy and design. After several years as a freelance and full-time writer in the NYC startup scene, she discovered her passion for UX writing and never looked back. She’s currently a senior content designer for Risk Experiences team at Square. You can add her on Linkedin or follow her writing on Medium at @laurahevamwirichia

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